Syntax Inventory System

  1. You can easily take an inventory stock.
  2. You can now easily compute price and quantity to get the total.
  3. No setup cost is required for the basic features, except you want to reach out to me for something more complex.
  4. There is a delete button in case of an error.
  5. Its a daily inventory meaning its quite effective for your daily sales, this is to say that you may just need to clear your inventory data daily, but let’s say you need to store them in a more complex database instead of printing, you can still reach out for an upgrade.
  6. You can print or store your daily inventory as a pdf for future references.
  7. The minimalistic design makes it easy to use and understand.
  8. Can be accessed using any browser meaning you don’t need to set up or download anything.
  9. No registration required, just click the link and start using.
  10. It’s open-source for developers.
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A biochemists || A lab technician || Web developer.

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Racheal Emily Timothy

Racheal Emily Timothy

A biochemists || A lab technician || Web developer.

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